Audio Anime Records

Audio Anime Records was founded for one purpose: Bring creative music to the world. Founded in 2000 by Nicole Dinkins Chavous, the company set out to give local talent a chance to release music without the pain and struggle most int he music industry have to endure. Starting in Augusta, GA and stretching north to Aiken, Edgefield and Jonthon, SC, many artists were given a platform to recored their songs and let their voices be heard. It was a time when digital pro-audio was flurishing and the likes of Napster and MySpace were leveling the playing field to get indy music heard.

Now based out of Forth Worth, TX, Audio Anime Records strives on to release creative music, but also music with a message. There has been no more important of a time than there is now to bring diversity, inclusion and the spark of geniosity to the culture and world and Audio Anime Records strives to do this every day.

Mutha Tung

She's gone by many names - Ms Phat, The Crazy Lady and Mutha Tung, and depending on where you're from you may recognize her only by one. From Johnston, SC, this country girl could not be kept inm her place and blazed her own path in the music scene. Singer, rapper, writer, composer and arranger, she can do it all and then some. Often compared to other great rapper/singers, she has a powerful voice and a even more powerful message.


E.X.C. was lucky to be exposed to the local southern Hip Hop artists in his teens. He partnered with producers, managers and engineers who worked with DJ Magic Mike, Duice, 12 Gauge, Tag Team and TLC. Always someone who preferred to work behind the scenes, as a producer and "beat master" he influenced many in the southeast and southwest rap communinity. He eventually branched out to rapping and turntablism and makes it his duty to stay creative and alway find something meanfiul to say to those who listen.